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Nakawé 50K

Starting in a beautiful beach town and a boardwalk surrounded by art

Race Category


Running Stones



49 KM

Elevation Gain

2250 M+

Start Date

Saturday 4th November 2023

Race Start

Malecón Puerto Vallarta - 06:00

Max Allowed Race Time

13 Hours

An unforgettable experience

Nakawé means "madre agua/mother water" and is the perfect name for this 49 km race. An experience that begins at the artistic boardwalk of a beautiful Pacific beach town leading to the jungle, crossing rivers and narrow paths. With 2,250 D+. The start and finish line are at the Puerto Vallarta's boardwalk. To reach the finish line, runners will cross to Cuale's River Island, which is full of mexican crafts and restaurants along the boardwalk surrounded by sculptures just infront the Pacific Ocean.

An unforgettable experience

Take a look at some key sections of the Nakawé 50K

Rules and Regulations

Check out the official Rules and Regulations for the 2023 Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB® including entry process and fees, mandatory equipment, health and environment policies and much more.

Running Stones

Thanks to your participation in this race, you will collect 2 Running Stones that gives an additional chance to be selected via the lottery to the UTMB® World Series Finals - OCC, CCC® and UTMB®.


Do you still have questions? Go to our Most frequently asked questions page to see what other runners have asked too and feel free to reach out to us.

Nakawé 50K

Super tropical, technical, and rowdy trail. As always was epic hanging out with all of the trail community and the local culture.

David Kilgore

5th men Nakawé 50K

The courses, the landscape, the race itself, the trails, the weather, the finish line atmosphere. I loved everything! I knew it would be a great event and that's why I decided to be there. Thank you very much to the organization for showing us that beautiful side of Vallarta.

Nayeli de la Torre

3rd woman Nakawé 50K

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