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Pata Salada 10K

Enjoy running along the emblematic Puerto Vallarta's boardwalk


8 KM

Elevation Gain

400 M+

Start Date

Friday 8th November 2024

Race Start

Puerto Vallarta - 18:00

Max Allowed Race Time

02 Hours 30 Minutes

An unforgettable experience

Pata salada is the colloquial demonym for people from the coast and is a very popular way to call people from Puerto Vallarta. This translates to "Salty feet" and it is a great description for our 10K fun run. You will go up to the Cerro de la Cruz until the viewpoint at the very top, and you will get the to run through the Island of the Cuale River, full of traditions and art.

An unforgettable experience

Take a look at some key sections of the Pata salda 10K

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Don't miss out! A maximum of 300 bibs are available for the Pata salada 10K at Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB® 2024. Sign up now to guarantee your spot on the start line.

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