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October 28th, 2022

Wixárika - 100M

Run through the Sierra Madre Occidental, down the jungle until you meet the Pacific Ocean

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San Sebastián del Oeste

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Mountain, jungle and sea. A unique experience!

Mountain, jungle and sea. A unique experience!

Wixárika, which means "Deep Hearted Person", is a race that will take you to the roots of the ancient Mexican and Wixárika heritage. From the top of the mountain through the jungle and to the Ocean. Wixárika is an emblematic course that begins at the Sierra Madre Occidental through the jungle reaching the Pacific Ocean. It is a race of approximately 170 km with 6,500 D+ and a timeline of 40 hours 00 minutes. Starting in the town of San Sebastián del Oeste ending in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. With a wide variety of terrains, vegetation and weather, runners will enjoy technical sections, broad paths and complex narrow trails through agave fields, rivers and jungle.

An unforgettable experience

Our photos, videos and insightful content will take you to the heart of Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB®.


“The first edition of Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB®️ will take place at one of the most representative areas of Mexico covering Mexican land and spirit at its purest. Runners will find all kinds of terrain and weather, from steep technical climbs and downhills to the complex muddy single tracks of the jungle and agave fields, broad paths and so many different ecosystems."

Alejandro Ochoa

Director de Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB®

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Plan your stay and check out all the tourist activities and experiences offered by Puerto Vallarta.

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Runner's guide

The 2022 runner's guide will be available soon and will include the details you need to be ready for race day: event program, time charts, safety advice and much more.

Rules and Regulations

Check out the official Rules and Regulations for the 2022 Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB® including entry process and fees, mandatory equipment, health and environment policies and much more.

Running Stones

Thanks to your participation in this race, you will collect 4 Running Stones that gives an additional chance to be selected via the lottery to the UTMB® World Series Finals - OCC, CCC® and UTMB®.

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Don't miss out! A maximum of 500 bibs are available for the queen distance of the inaugural Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB®. Sign up now to guarantee your spot on the start line.

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