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Wixárika - 100M

Run through the Sierra Madre Occidental, down the jungle until you meet the Pacific Ocean

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


147 KM

Elevation Gain

5500 M+

Start Date

Friday 8th November 2024

Race Start

Mascota - 04:00

Max Allowed Race Time

35 Hours

Mountain, jungle and sea. A unique experience!

Wixárika, which means "Deep Hearted Person", is a race that will take you to the roots of the ancient Mexican and Wixárika heritage. From the top of the mountain through the jungle and to the Ocean. Wixárika is an emblematic course that begins at the Sierra Madre Occidental through the jungle reaching the Pacific Ocean. With a wide variety of terrains, vegetation and weather, runners will enjoy technical sections, broad paths and complex narrow trails through agave fields, rivers and jungle.

Mountain, jungle and sea. A unique experience!

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